Speeches & Keynotes

Joyce provides financial education to employee groups and financial services peers at conferences.

She is also available for in-house education of employees and executive teams, an attractive benefit offered by human resources departments or management.

Conference Sessions

Customizable talks and workshops explore topics from Joyce’s two books, Life, Liquidity & the Pursuit of Happiness and Startup Wealth. Contact us to learn more about our in-person educational resources for high-tech employees, startup teams, and financial services professionals.

Corporate Seminars

All employees can benefit from knowing more about equity awards, stock options, and tax planning, regardless of their individual income or net worth.

Moreover, after more than two decades in the financial world, we have found that education is the best way to help people better their financial futures. In keeping with this idea, we have developed a one-hour 20-20-20 Seminar. In this group session, we spend 20 minutes discussing stock options, 20 minutes addressing investment and cash flow concerns, and 20 minutes answering employees’ questions. Below is a rough outline we can tailor to meet the needs of your employees.

Equity Awards

  • An explanation of your company’s specific equity award plans (such as restricted stock and incentive and non-qualified stock options), including vesting schedules and expiration dates
  • The employee stock purchase plan, including an explanation of how shares are purchased, the “bargain element” portion of each share’s purchase price, and tax consequences
  • Tax strategies for optimizing stock options

Investment and Cash Flow Planning

  • How to reduce a concentrated equity position
  • Benefits of investment diversification
  • Asset allocation
  • Strategic investment planning
  • A discussion of your company’s 401(k) plan
  • An explanation of your company’s deferred compensation plan (if applicable)
  • Cash flow planning
  • Goal setting

This seminar is not a sales pitch. Its only purpose is to offer employees practical information. We have found that employees appreciate the 20-20-20 Seminar, because it helps them to become more knowledgeable about financial benefits and choices. Many also see this education as an additional company benefit—one that brings home the importance of staying on board and accruing the long-term rewards that come with stock vesting and retirement savings. Plus, it never hurts to encourage employees to find ways to make better use of their paychecks.

Preserving the Wealth of Successful High-Tech Community Members
Preserving the Wealth of Successful High-Tech Community Members
The BE WISE Planning Strategy
The BE WISE Planning Strategy